The series that make up this virtual gallery are an invitation to travel between the salty blur of a beach touched by silhouettes on vacation, the bright colors of a trip to India and a Parisian day in the capital’s metro. Its users offer us a silent picture of the few minutes they left to the discretion of the photographer. If you let your fingers run on the different tabs of the website you can observe the ephemeral rhythm of the English streets captured by Denis Morel. So we no longer specify that these are photographs granted between refined urbanity and acute design. Between the lines and the light of the city the photographer leaves to the street stories to tell, narrated by an flawless composition. Then the eye is invited to navigate over every photo, every street corner through the strength of the curvatures and shadows of the city. Finally, this virtual journey embarks us at great speed in the acid colors of the stretched, distorted, smooth and accelerated fields, spread out like a painting on the invisible canvas of the window of the car 12. Denis immerses himself in the cityscape so as to impress his camera sensor with the light converging through his optics, grabbing a piece of life, a piece of street, a piece of time…

This time is played and over by scrolling through the harmony of the photographs entrusted to your eye.

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