To disfigure reality !
To disfigure reality, to destructure it, to make it hatch in a new harmony. Explore space and its transformation to build singular architectures. That is the perspective that fits the work of Denis Morel.
Building on his long experience in advertising and industrial photography, Denis has followed a different path over the past ten years. Moved by a desire of novelty, he deviates from reality. At first sight, his work can appear to be only virtual. But its origins is well anchored in reality. Denis uses pictures taken in the frame of commission work as a starting point. His approach is deprived of any kind of symbolic, he disfigures reality and shapes, he transforms, deforms and alters his pictures in a quest of harmony, shapes and colours. Far from following a precise and automatic path, Billy fumbles and progresses in his creation by creating. He moves without fear of changing and deteriorating the picture. The picture livens up, comes to life. Denis explores space and transforms it to build singular architectures that hatch with his pen-tablet to become timeless pieces of art that leave aside the original picture and its true sense.
These pictures are initially objects, singular objects that transform into subjective reality.

Is that reality an illusion ? That is precisely Denis' work : the creation of a new reality, the illusory reality of the original picture.

Sarah Bonjean

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